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Perfect Hair Travel Pack

Perfect Hair Travel Pack

Not sure which Nurture My Body Shampoo is right for you? Give them all a try! Our Perfect Hair Travel Pack includes all three of our amazing Fragrance Free Shampoos along with a Fragrance Free Conditioner. Test them all out and see which works best for you!

Our organic Fragrance Free Everyday Shampoo with 13 certified organic ingredients gently cleanses and strengthens hair, and maximizes texture and shine. Our most popular shampoo luxuriously lathers without sodium lauryl sulfates to leave hair healthy, soft and manageable without stripping the hair's natural oils. Excellent for normal hair and gentle enough for everyday use. Also safe for color-treated hair.

Our Fragrance Free Moisturizing Shampoo is formulated with 13 certified organic ingredients to fortify the hair shaft, decrease frizz, and prevent drying that can lead to split ends. Protective coco de cream and hydrating seaweed repair damage and renew health so you can enjoy stronger, shinier strands with naturally balanced hydration. Our organic Moisturizing Shampoo lathers luxuriously without sodium lauryl sulfates. Excellent for dry, damaged, and color-treated hair.

Our organic Fragrance Free Volumizing Shampoo with 14 certified organic ingredients boosts fine, limp hair for more body and bounce. Organic honey hydrates for a fuller appearance, while oat extract and nettles nourish the follicles to stimulate hair growth. Our volumizing shampoo luxuriously lathers without sodium lauryl sulfates for a clean fresh look, never leaving build up or weight. Excellent for fine, limp, and color treated hair.

Each Shampoo has an Environmental Rating: 1

2 fl oz - 59 ml each

Our organic Fragrance Free Conditioner has 16 certified organic botanicals and essential oils to support stronger hair and a healthy scalp as it gently de-tangles, improves texture, and controls frizz. Organic marshmallow root and macadamia nut provide specific nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants to boosts shine, increase manageability, and protect hair during heat styling. Our sulfate-free conditioner works wonders on all hair types including dry, damaged and color-treated.

Environmental Rating: 1

2 fl oz - 59 ml

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Packaging Information

Our Travel Size products are packaged in BPA-free, recyclable (#1), and ultraviolet-proof PET plastic bottles. Our plastic bottles do NOT leach chemicals even at high heat, and are the safest possible plastic bottles we could source.

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