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Lavender Toner

Our organic Lavender Toner revitalizes your complexion by restoring a healthy pH, tightening pores, and calming irritated skin. Effectively prepares skin on face, neck, and chest for better absorption of our nourishing moisturizers. Excellent for all skin types. * We use 100% organic Lavender Intermedia Hydrosol for its excellent skin toning properties, which has a woody, earthy smell unlike the lavender flower.

4 fl oz - 120 ml

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"I love this lavender toner, it is heavenly. It calms and centers me at the same time. Great, high quality product."


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Certified Organic Lavandula Officinalis (Lavender) Hydrosol
Environmental Score is a representation of the safety of this products ingredients based upon a combination of the best outside scientific research available and our own internal research. An environmental score between 1-2 indicates that the ingredients in this product have been found extremely safe based on currently available scientific data. The Environmental Score is not affiliated with the Environmental Working Group.

Directions / How To Use

Spray onto face, neck, and chest morning and evening after cleansing to prepare skin for moisturizing.

Packaging Information

Our Lavender Toner is packaged in recyclable, ultraviolet-proof blue glass bottles with a black spritzer/atomizer top. Our blue glass bottles protect against UV rays that can alter and spoil the organic ingredients in our products. They are fully recyclable.

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