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Nurture My Body's "Year of Lip Balm"-A-Day Giveaway!

This is our CRAZIEST giveaway yet! During the month of April we will be giving away a YEAR'S worth of lip balm every day as we celebrate Earth Day all month long. We will begin selecting winners on April 1st, however, you can begin signing up and telling your friends today! Be sure to check out some of our other great products  like our organic sunscreen in the mean time and get ready for summer!

Why is our lip balm so great?

Did you know the average woman EATS about 6 pounds of lip balm in her lifetime? That means that whatever you put on your lips is going into your body! Make the switch and go organic with our 100% USDA certified organic lip balms. Made from organic sunflower oil and beeswax, our lip balms come in 4 delicious and organic flavors derived from essential oils. Added Vitamin E helps give you soft, smooth lips. Give your lips (and your body!) the organic lip balm they deserve!

Nurture My Body's "Year of Lip Balm"-A-Day Giveaway!