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Natural Body Lotion

Enrich your skin with natural body lotion featuring fruit and herbal extracts, softening oils, and other potent natural ingredients for enhanced health. Skin is rejuvenated, hydrated and soothed with lotions from our elegant body care collection. These are body lotions with certified organic ingredients specially formulated to absorb quickly and moisturize deeply without greasiness. We pride ourselves in providing natural products that really work. You’ll never find toxins, artificial fragrances, colors or preservatives in any of our natural lotions for the body. There are nutrient-rich blends for sensitive skin, as well as moisturizing formulas that revitalize senses, soothe muscles and tone skin. Drape the body in safe, extraordinary lotions that both soften and do so much more.

Natural Hand Lotion Shares a Softer Touch

Gently effective organic hand lotion is an essential step in a safe, pampering skin care routine. Even sensitive or dehydrated skin is beautifully conditioned by  organic hand lotions containing herbs, essential oils, vitamins and moisturizing oils. You will find the finest ingredients from organic farms in our natural Intensive Hand Cream, but you’ll never find sulfates, parabens or petroleum products. The look and feel of your hands is dramatically improved with the healing properties of an organic hand lotion. You’ll see the benefits of using our dry skin care solutions for the face and body that’s naturally nurturing.

Natural Skin Lotions Restore Healthy Hydration

Baby-soft skin begins in nature, and only natural elements can replenish a balance of health and hydration. Our natural skin lotions provide ultra-moisturizing properties, as they treat and protect skin. The ingredients in our natural skin care lotions come directly from plants, rather than being produced synthetically. So from hands to feet, your dry, flaky and ashy skin receives immediate relief. Pair an organic skin lotion with a natural body wash for the ultimate in cleaning and skin conditioning.


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“Hello again, just wanted to let you know that I am almost out of my first bottles of Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner, and will happily order again. My hair looks and feels so much better than before! I am so impressed that these products deliver as promised, without the scary chemicals used almost everywhere else. Keep up the good work! ”

Julianne B. - Hillsboro, WI

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“I'm a recent NMB convert. As a strict vegan and general health nut, I must say that Nurture My Body products have been nothing short of amazing and delightful to use on my skin. The quality of the ingredients, packaging, and the overall care that your company clearly pours into the effort to be clean, cruelty-free, environmentally and economically conscious makes me feel deeply grateful and elated to be a supporter. ”

Joseph R. - Barrington, NJ

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“I LOVE these products! Just received the Ginger Hand and Body Lotion today, and I'm in HEAVEN. Other favorites are the Vita C Repair Cream, Ultra Light Day Cream, and the scrumptious Exfoliating Cleanser. I'm a NMB addict and proud to say so! Thank you, Patty and Rich, for all these delicious products. You rock! ”

Lori S. - Yelm, WA