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How to Fix Dry Winter Skin

November 30, 2017

How to Fix Dry Winter Skin

The temperatures have dropped and I've began noticing a few things. My lips are drier. My nails have become more brittle. And my skin is drier and itchier than ever. But, you want to know what isn’t feeling such wintry effects? My face! Thanks to Nurture My Body’s Energizing Moisture Cream.

Whether you bask in the brisk cold weather with open, sweater-covered arms or hibernate in heated confines until spring, the winter surely takes a toll on your skin either way. Achieving that harmonious balance between our skin, our skincare and the havoc that winter brings can be difficult. After all, skin is super delicate… and winter, not so much.

But we at Nurture My Body know that the Energizing Moisture Cream is the product that will properly hydrate dry, irritated skin and keep it moisturized throughout the duration of these months. Here’s what cold weather actually does to your skin, and why our Energizing Moisture Cream is the skincare solution your skin has been longing for.

  1. Cold winter weather means dry air and super low humidity. This dryness rids your skin of moisture causing irritation, redness, blotchiness, roughness to the touch, and sometimes, acne. Acne occurs because as skin dries out, dead skin cells build up and clog pores


  1. Obviously, as it gets colder, we turn up the heat in our homes, in our cars and in our offices. Heat is also drying. It seems like we can’t win! (But you can. Trust us.)


  1. The heat from hot showers and baths don’t help us either. Hot water is drying to the skin. It may be best to take warm baths and showers, instead.

Combined, all of these factors tend to create a pretty messy situation for your skin. Rather than try moisturizer after moisturizer (that ultimately don’xt do the trick) try (and love) Nurture My Body’s Energizing Moisture Cream… and while you’re at it, nurture dry hands with the Intensive Hand Cream! Yucky winter skin is out, moisturized and nourished skin is in!